International media communications

In–depth knowledge of the world of classic cars, auctions and events results in copy that’s more than just ‘a literal translation’. Over 17 years’ experience means capturing the precise nuance of the original message in natural, native–speaking English.

Client newsletters

A regular email newsletter to clients need not only say “Hi! Would you like to buy something!?” By combining news of your latest offerings with entertaining editorial on related products and the world in which you operate, you are saying “Trust me, I know what interests you.”


All communications, be they on the web or in print, should be concise, clear and grammatically correct. Bespoke copywriting, or just simple proof reading removes the possibility of error. Unsure whether to use ‘Spyder’ or ‘Spider’? Should it be a ‘hypercar’ or a ‘hyper car’? Help is at hand. Expert knowledge of cars and the vagaries of marque nomenclature ensure accuracy at all times. And if we don’t know — we’ll certainly know someone who does.


The world of events has blossomed in recent years. As has event sponsorship. Down–to–earth advice on which events to be involved in, VIP handling, paddock or concours lawn tours and video production means better value for sponsors and a more memorable experience for their clients.

Freelance editorial

For over 12 years, ‘by Steve Wakefield’ has meant accurate, knowledgeable and entertaining copy. Subjects covered have included road tests and features on some of the world’s most desirable modern and classic cars, auction previews and reports, watches, travel and the world of popular entertainment. On a freelance basis, contributions include those made to the Mail on Sunday and AM, the official Aston Martin magazine.

Collectors advisory service

For those looking to start, add to or reduce a collection, Steve Wakefield can offer friendly, considered advice, from the inside line on auctions, dealers and restoration specialists to the careful precautions needed when buying or selling.